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everCrypt DAO leverages a dual-token model.

Becoming a Reserve Currency Inflation Hedge

It utilizes two distinct tokens with overlapping benefi ts, each supporting the ultimate goal of everCrypt.


the governance and utility token that enables holders to participate in governance and staking.


a fractional-algorithmic pseudo-stablecoin, backed by collateral and pegged to the CPI index.

Web 3.0 infrastructure built on the Cardano
Crypto earn

The 2 sides of a Coin

ECS token holders can add new asset types to the protocol, add new pools, adjust the rules of existing pools, and more. They also have rights over the bonus fee paid to incentivize arbitrageurs with the goal of helping the price of ECC stay stable, balanced, and pegged to the CPI index.

beneficial to both our system and its users.

A brief intro to Atala Prism

Atala Prism is an identity management solution built on Cardano. The Atala Prism was developed by IOHK following an apparent series of identity thefts. The invention was unveiled in 2020. It provides an effi cient identity solution that our credentials-requirin

“One of the ways we ensure the absolute check is the use of Atala Prism. We can use it to verify identities and ensure that only real people are accessing and benefi ting from our system. This will prevent anyone from exploiting the philanthropic mission of our system“
The Universal Basic Income wallet

The everCrypt Universal Basic Income Wallet

Tokens are kept until expiration.

Our Universal Basic Income will exist with reasonable, well-established rules that will ensure an eff ective long-term framework for our system.

Funds can be kept for the regular purchases of goods and services.

Our ultimate goal, to help rid the world of poverty, requires that sustainability, transparency, and security are at the forefront of our system’s development.


Our plan is to increase the standard of living for all. However, we intend to start with those that need us the most.